The Perfect Mother’s Day gift – Personalised Jewellery

The Perfect Mother’s Day gift – Personalised Jewellery

By Chelsea Bold

What better way to show your mother you care thanPersonalised Jewellery? Custom - made jewellery is the perfect Mother’s Day gift; one she will appreciate for years to come.Our Mummy Jewellery Collection is filled with great ideas that your mother is sure to love!.Necklaces are the easiest gift to get because you can never go wrong with sizes. The average women’s chain length is 16 inches; or you can go with 18 inches if you want to go a little looser.

Choose from our variety of personalised necklaces. There are many variations that you can select. An engraved name necklace is the perfect gift for mum, or gift for wife. Name jewellery is the ideal gift because of the personal aspect; it is not just any piece of regular jewellery. One of our more preferred items is the Mum Necklace with Engraved Kids Charms , much loved because one can add personalised engraved names of all their loved ones. Mums love jewellery that shows off their family.

An engraved Mother’s necklace is also a sweet jewellery piece that your mother will appreciate. This necklace can have both the two discs engraved with your kids’ names. We also have the unique Kate Middleton necklace, inspired by the Duchess of Cambridge herself. This necklace is perfect for first time mum who wants to look stylish and yet still show endless love for her new child.

Looking for a little love with your item? We have a necklace with heart, or our very popular and beautiful Sterling Silver Engraved Heart Necklace ? Or are you looking for something a little different, like an initials pendant , or our gorgeous family tree necklace collection ? Mums will love the thought put into this personalised gift!

Our heart necklaces come in silver, gold plated, with a vast variety of options to choose from in our heart jewellery collection .Another unique option is giving your mom a personalised ring. A ring is a classic gift, simple yet oh so special. If you have the ring size of your wife or mother, you will love the moment her face lights up when she puts on this distinct gift. Re-sizing the ring is free as well, so if you are a little off we can always fix it for you.

Our jewellery is custom made, the ideal gift for mother. At MyNameNecklace we have a whole section of great mother's day gifts! Because Personalised Jewellery is the best way to show your love.

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