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How to Measure Your Ring Size?

As fingers come in all shapes and sizes, so do your rings. When shopping online, it is key to know what your ring size is, therefore you will receive your purchase fitting absolutely perfectly. Not sure what your ring size is? The average woman’s ring size is between J-N, while the average men’s size ranges between P-U. But, as you may head over to a jeweller to find your size, My Name Necklace’s easy-to-follow at home-methods will help you discover your perfect fit!

Have an Existing Ring That Fits Right? : click here.

Total time to do it: 2 minutes

Organize the tools needed beforehand:
Piece of paper
Necessary items

Step 1: Preparations

Before you measure your finger there are a few things you must keep in mind:
  • Measure your finger at the end of the day when it is the largest, as our fingers change sizes throughout the day.
  • Measure your finger three to four different times as the size changes depending on temperature- your finger can shrink or expand when hot or cold.
  • Make sure you leave enough room to accommodate your knuckle.
Wrap Paper

Step 2: Wrap Paper

  • Cut a strip of paper to be about 20.3 centimeters long and 1.3 centimeters wide.
  • Wrap the paper close to your knuckle, as this is the thickest part of your finger, making sure not to wrap it too tight, to assure it will be a fit that is comfortable.
  • Make sure that to measure the finger that you would like your ring to sit on. Use a pencil or pen to mark where the strip forms a complete circle and begins to overlap.

Step 3: Measure

Use your ruler to measure from the edge of the paper to the line marked, remember to measure up to the nearest millimeter, this is the circumference of your finger. Record your measurement on a separate piece of paper.
Ring Size Guide

Step 4: Ring Size Guide

After finding your measurement, now it is time to find your size! Consult with our Ring Size Guide or Ring Size Calculator below to find your corresponding ring size!

Our pro-tip: If your measurement happens to fall between two sizes, go for the larger size.

Please check out our Ring Size Guide below to discover your ring size.

Please check out our Ring Size Calculator below to find out your ring size!
Ring Size Guide
Size Inside circumference (mm)
F 44.2
G 45.5
H 46.8
I 48
J 49.3
K 50.6
L 52
M 53.1
N 54.4
O 55.7
P 57
Q 58.3
R 59.5
S 60.8
T 62.1
U 63.4
V 64.6
W 65.9
X 67.2
Y 68.5
Z 69.7
Ring Size Calculator
Use Your Ring

Measure the inside diameter of your existing ring, or the ring of the person you are buying for.
What you’ll need: A Ruler and the ring you would like to measure.

  1. Measure the inside diameter of the ring and round up until the nearest mm.
    The diameter of your ring is the measurement of a straight line from one side to the other.
  2. Compare the length you just measured to the ring size chart below or use our custom Ring Size Calculator below.
Ring Size Calculator
Measuring unit:
Your ring circumference is:
Your ring size is:

Have an Existing Ring That Fits Right? : Print our Ring Size Finder PDF

If you already have a ring that fits you well at home and would like to find your exact match, print out our PDF Ring Size Finder! Choose a ring that fits you comfortably and not too tight. Place your ring on the size diagrams until you find the correct match and then find your size on the size chart.

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