Colour Necklaces - the New Spring Trend!

By Chelsea Bold

Spring is around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than to spice up your drab and wintery wardrobe with some fun and bright colours?

Bright colours are all the rage this season, and it’s not only excluded to clothes but to accessories as well!

We have a large of selection of personalised necklaces that comes in a large variety of colours!
Our Acrylic Colour Collection has all kinds of radiant colours and fantastic fonts, which you can choose from to make an additional splash with your wardrobe.

There are ten different cool and lively colours that you can choose from. One of our popular necklaces in the Colour Collection is our Carrie style Acrylic name necklace. This classic style is a great way to show off you unique name but in a fun way!

Another one of our more popular styles is the coloured monogram necklace. This is a distinct twist on the ever popular sterling silver Initials necklace.

With all these amazing coloured personalised necklaces to choose from, every day in the spring will be an upbeat and bright festivity!

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New York Style Colour Name Necklace Acrylic Name Necklace - Carrie Style Leather Style Cord Engraved Bracelet

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