5 Ways to Revamp Your Holiday Home Décor
5 Ways to Revamp Your Holiday Home Décor

5 Ways to Revamp Your Holiday Home Décor

With the holiday Season fast approaching many of us are starting to take out the Christmas decoration storage boxes, before you get caught up in a haze of dusty boxes and decades of miss-matching cheer, make sure you that you read our 5 tips for revamping your holiday home décor.
  1. Personalised Christmas Décor

    It’s the season of gifting but who says we shouldn’t be sure that everyone knows exactly where all this gift giving is coming from? Adding some personalised decorations to your home is a great way to add your own special touch to the spirit of Christmas. Making a name plate with your family name and a simple message such as “Happy Holidays from the Jones Family” will surely spread the warm holiday family vibes! The same can be said for your Tree Ornaments which can easily be personalised with an initial or family monogram for that special touch.

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  3. It’s a DIY Christmas

    We know you’ve just wiped that dust off your hands but we’re going to ask you to get them dirty again anyway. There is no better feeling than taking a step back on Christmas Eve and knowing that you literarily added your own special touch to the Christmas decorations. Our favourite DIY project is easy ornamental paper Christmas trees that are easily used as centre pieces for your table or to feature on your mantel piece. This is a great example of where old meets new, reuse a lot of that leftover glitter, kitsch ornaments and random lights to create a vintage feel on your paper tree.

  4. Get O’Natural With Your Lighting

    We all know that you love the multicolored lights that we’ve been using since Edison invented the commercial bulb. This year we’re saying there is no harm in pulling back. Yes, we still want you to spread Christmas cheer only this time we want you to spread it in neutral tones. Think that you want to celebrate the natural brown and off white hues combined with modern touches of metallic golds and beige, insert your very own Christmas paradise. For the perfect mood lighting we also like to use candles in a safe and secure manner meaning a good distance away from your tree!

  5. Get that Christmas Aroma

    We want people to walk into your Christmas space and feel like they are literally being enveloped in the entirety of your Christmas spirit. The best way to do this is to tickle their sense of smell. Keeping in tune with bringing nature back to Christmas we love to use Clementine’s stuffed with cloves. Simply poke holes in the outer skin of the clementine and stuff one clove per hole. Feel free to get creative with patterns, also giving you a chance to jump on board the idea of a personalised Christmas by simply inserting the cloves in the form of a monogram decoration. Place the Clementine’s on your bookshelf, mantel piece or even near the entrance of your home to make sure that waft of Christmas hits each and every person that walks through your front door.

  6. Gifts

    There is no reason that your gifts shouldn’t be a part of your décor. While traditionally we see gifts placed under the tree you can also find a way to create little gifts as part of the décor for each of your family or guests. personalised jewellery for Christmas is not only the perfect keepsake but also a great way to celebrate each special person in your life. With a simple infinity necklace strung across a designated table setting or name necklace peeking out from a stocking, this can be the most subtle touch with the highest impact.

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    If each of your guests is indeed featured under your tree then you can definitely take the theme of personalization right through into your gift box! With ranges of Mother’s Rings, Name Bracelets and more… a gift that is truly unique to your guests such as personalised jewellery will surely make it a Christmas to remember!

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Christmas comes around only once a year and each year we have the chance to explore new and wonderful ways to celebrate and spread cheer. While we still hold traditions close to our heart we also love the idea of bringing modern touch and flare to the Christmas and Holiday Season.

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