Hi My Name Is… An Ode to Those with Unique Names

By Chelsea Bold

For many who go on vacation, one of the quintessential souvenirs to take back is a keychain depicting where they are and has that person’s name on it. For Sarah’s, John’s, Michael’s, and Amanda’s, this is a very easy thing to accomplish. However, for those with more unique names, it can be a big of a scavenger hunt to find something with their name can lead to poor results. Most of the time people with unique names leave a shop empty handed, wishing that their name was more common or they did not have quite such a unique name. And it is not just the inability to find one’s name that can be annoying, but also having a name continuously misspelled that can cause a lot of frustration. Yes, it gets misspelled from time to time, but your name will always stand out, whether your name is spelled “Cydnee” instead of “Sydney” or “Jaxon” instead of “Jackson.”

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We often blame of parents for unique names. While parents may have good reasons for naming their child Draven, Jerrika, or Izander, children, and as they grow into adults, often have to field questions regarding how to spell or pronounce a name. They are never able to walk into Disney World or any other major attraction and get a personalised name necklace or a keychain with their name, marking where they had just visited.

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But there are good things about growing up with a unique name – you are exactly that, unique. There are not hundreds of thousands of other people around the planet that share your name. You know that when your name is called, you are the only person who will raise a hand. There is no question of, “Which person are they talking about,” because you know it is you. It is always going to be you. And isn’t it about time you were able to celebrate your unique name and show it off to everyone! At MyNameNecklace UK, it does not matter what your name is or how you spell it, because you can get name jewellery with your name on it. Name necklaces, bracelets, earrings – all are at your disposal. You will never have to feel left out because you can make your own collection of personalised name jewellery made out of Sterling Silver, Gold, and Acrylic. Don’t worry if you cannot find something in a brick-and-mortar shop with your name on it, because at MyNameNecklace you can celebrate your unique name by showing it off proudly for everyone to see!

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