Gifts for New Mums

Gift Ideas for New Mums

By Chelsea Bold

For many mums out there, this will be their first Mother’s Day. How do you celebrate a new mum the right way? There are so many questions when it comes to finding just the right gift. Do you go the practical route or do you opt for a more sentimental gift? Do you purchase a good “right now” gift, such as flowers, or something that a new mum can hold on to for a long time? One tip is to not go with more baby-related gifts. Most likely a new mum is inundated with baby items and would really like something for themselves. And while coming up with the right gift isn’t always easy, here are some helpful hints that may make shopping easier!

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Personalised Tokens

If you want to buy a sentimental gift for mum, something that is personalised is the best option. And while engraved frames are all well and good, if you really want a Mother’s Day gift or new mum gift that stands out, personalised jewellery is perfect! Personalised jewellery provides mums with the opportunity to keep their children close with them. A children’s charm necklace or family tree necklace are perfect choices. Be sure to peruse through our listings just for mum!

Bag of Goodies

New mums often don’t have a lot of free time one their hands. Often, they do not think about indulging a little bit. A perfect present is a bag chock full of all the stuff the mum wants for herself but doesn’t really have a lot of free time to go get. Be sure to include favorite magazines, tasty snacks, lotions mani-pedi sets, and even a few romance novels!

Television Subscriptions

Most new mums will tell you they spend half their night awake with their child. And other than infomercials and re-runs, there isn’t much on at night to keep a mum awake. Think about purchasing them an online television subscription. This way, no matter what time of night they are awake with the baby, they will have something to watch.

A Nice Home Cooked Meal

Pots and pans tend to collect dust when a new baby is born. Who has time to cook large meals anymore? And while meals cooked at home are the preferable (and healthier) choice, they often second to fast food and take out. How about providing new mums with oven ready dishes they just need to put in their oven? If someone is looking to provide more than just one meal, there are catering companies specializing in prepared foods for the home.

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