Make the Perfect Mother’s Day Flower Bouquet for Mum

Make the Perfect Mother’s Day Flower Bouquet for Mum

By Chelsea Bold

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. It is time to come up with the perfect Mother’s Day gift. jewellery for mothers has always been a popular choice, especially personalised jewellery. It is a way for mums to carry their family with them no matter where they go. But you know what else is really popular for Mother’s Day? Flowers. Bouquets of flowers are not only very beautiful, but some thought is required into making the perfect arrangement. Did you know that many flowers have special meaning attached to them? While going with your mum’s favourite flowers or even favourite colour is always an optimal choice, looking into the meaning of different flowers can really make a beautiful bouquet.

Roses are always the primary go-to flower for Mother’s Day flower arrangements. Sacred to the Greek Goddess Isis, said to have all the attributes of the ideal mother, this flower is the most closely related to mums and this holiday.

Irises symbolize affection and warmth, two very important qualities of any mom. When it comes to this special holiday, be sure to be on the lookout for white and blue irises.

Lilacs, while primarily known for Easter, are also classic flowers used for Mother’s Day. Calla lilies and white lilies are the most popular varieties for this holiday because they symbolize youthful innocence.

Tulips are closely associated with new life and spring time. They are graceful flowers very well known for the large selection of colors. This is especially a good flower to choose if your mum has a favorite colour.

Carnations are another great choice of flower. The pink carnations are especially popular for this holiday. Legends state that the pink ones starting blooming right where Mary cried over the death of Jesus. Because of this, carnations are a symbol of a mom’s eternal love for her children.

But those are not the only flowers to include in a bouquet. Camellias are a symbol for graciousness, gladioluses are a symbol of strength of character, and sunflowers symbolize adoration. These are all important characteristics of any great mother.

Just remember, while bouquets are a great gift to give, flowers die but jewellery lasts forever. Get your mum a special gift of personalised jewellery for Mother’s Day today!

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