All About White Gold Jewellery>

By Chelsea Bold

Everyone knows what yellow gold is as it is a versatile metal. We see it everywhere in all sorts of accessories, home décor items, and even sometimes used to accent dessert! However, another popular form of gold is taking hold – white gold! If you tend to shy away from yellow-coloured jewellery but still want to enjoy wearing gold, white gold is the perfect solution.Right now, white gold name jewellery is hitting the scenes and is super trendy and fashionable.

Aside from wedding rings, where white gold is many enjoy wearing this precious metal to meet their day-to-day fashion jewellery needs.

While white gold does not occur in nature like yellow gold, it is very easy to make. To create white gold, yellow gold is mixed with different metal alloys to get the white colour. Common metals include platinum, zinc, and metal. If you have allergic reactions to nickel, always inquire prior to making a purchase if the white gold is made with nickel. White gold has the say carat weight as yellow gold. Some jewellery designers, in order to enhance the appearance of white gold, plate it with an additional alloy, like rhodium.

If you love silver but what something a bit more ‘expensive’, then white gold jewellery is the perfect option. White gold is exceptionally beautiful when set with various gemstones and crystals. And for a really striking effect, mix white gold with yellow gold for a two-tone wonder!

If you love white gold jewellery, why not give white gold jewellery a try?! We have a large selection of white gold accessories including all your favourite name necklaces! Check it out today!

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