The Meaning Behind Bird Jewellery

By Chelsea Bold

Personalised Mum Jewellery – Silver Bird Necklace The bird paradigm has always been a beautiful symbol. It is an image that is recognised all around the globe, most closely associated with motherhood, security, and assurance that everything will be okay. Since early history, birds have been very popular in jewellery. Ancient jewellery designs have all utilised birds. Ancient Egyptians, Native Americans, and other major religions use birds as symbols for various things and then use in jewellery designs. Today there are amazing pieces of jewellery utilising birds!

What Different Birds Mean

Ever wanted to know the symbolism associated with different birds? Here is some information for you!

Dove. Closely associated with tranquility, love, and peace, the dove represents selfless love and sacrifices mothers make for their children. They are symbols of self-sacrifice, nurturing, and devotion.

Owl. Sacred to Greek goddess Athena and considered a witch’s familiar, Owl Necklace with Back Engraving owls represent intelligence, protection, wisdom, and mystery. This bird is also the symbol for all nocturnal creatures.

Sparrow. While many may take the sparrow for granted because it is a small bird, this bird reminds people that even the small things are important. Sparrows symbolise protection, community, joy, friendliness, and productivity.

Magpie. Just a few of the many symbolic meanings of magpies include opportunistic, willful, expressive, communicative, flashy, and refined. Magpies are a symbol of illusion and teach that judgments should never be set in stone.

Vulture. Even vultures are steeped in symbolism! And they are actually a symbol of motherhood! This is because they are caretakers. Ancient Egyptians used vultures to symbolise the mother. This bird is also associated with intelligence, navigation, patience, and resourcefulness.

Gold Plated Tree Necklace with Silver Bird Initial

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