The Meaning of Valentine’s Day
The Meaning of Valentine’s Day

The Meaning of Valentine’s Day

If you thought Valentine’s Day was all about Roses and Chocolates well then I’m sorry to say that you’re going to have to remove those Rose coloured lenses. Like all romantic tales, the meaning of Valentine’s Day starts and ends in tragedy.

History of Valentine’s Day

The story of Valentine’s Day starts back in the Rome during the Third Century when the cold hearted, war motivated Emperor Claudius II, sentenced a creed that men shall not marry! This was to ensure their focus on the battle field, after all a married man is a man that has someone to live for, Claudius II believed that without marriage and a family to return home to, men would fear nothing and fight fearlessly until their last breath. I warned you that it started in tragedy.

A brave young Christian Bishop named Valentine, the original true romantic it seems, continued to perform weddings in secret! Once he was found out he was punished for his crime with the death sentence. While waiting in jail for his impending doom, the jailors daughter had come to him regularly for lessons and from this arrangement an untimely love had blossomed. On the day of his execution, Valentine left is lover a note declaring his love for her and signed it ‘From your valentine’.

Valentine’s sacrifice has become a universal symbol of love and commitment. Around the year 496, Pope Gelasius made Valentine a Saint and named the day of his execution, February 14th, St. Valentine’s Day. This day that has arisen from the fate of Saint Valentine, is a chance for people to declare their love and commitment to each other, with this it is customary to give gifts and a note signed ‘your valentine’.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Now that we know exactly where the sentiment of Valentine’s Day comes from, it can feel like a heavy weight to embody such a powerful meaning in a simple little gift. That’s why when it comes to choosing unique Valentine’s Day gifts we recommend that you look for something personal. MyNameNecklace has a large selection of personalised love necklaces that with a bit of engraving and maybe even a touch of birthstones can create the perfect personalised jewellery gift that will take your valentine’s breathe away!

If you and your lover like to go matching simply choose something from the Couple’s Jewelry Collection. The His & Hers accessories and couples necklaces will let you each carry a piece of the other’s heart wherever you go. Engrave each other’s names or initials and you will have the perfect keepsake of your love to cherish forever. If you’re looking for that one necklace that says it all then head straight to the Infinity necklace. Once engraved with your lover’s name you can ensure that you have expressed your undying love in a piece of jewellery that is not just stylish but also a symbol of infinite love and commitment. Likewise an engraved heart necklace will be the perfect memento of the most perfect Valentine’s Day ever!

If you are looking to put a ring on it but not quite ready to put the ring on it, it may be a good idea to start with a Promise Ring engraved with an expression of your love and commitment; and what better day to present such a meaningful gift than on Valentine’s Day itself. Get one just for her or a matching pair of couple’s rings. We know that Saint Valentine would approve of any stylish gift from our Personalised Love Collection.

Flowers, Chocolates & Other Valentine’s Day Traditions

Every year we honor the memory of St. Valentine by celebrating love for not just significant others, but also family members and friends! There are a variety of traditions associated with the holiday that everyone can’t help but enjoy. For example, did you know that the tradition of giving flowers started in the eighteenth century? Sending floral arrangements was a way to pass non-verbal messages to someone else. Now, flowers are sent to express admiration and love!

When we were young schoolboys and girls, we loved making and receiving Valentine’s Day cards from classmates and friends. This tradition started way back in 1415 when Charles, Duke of Orleans, penned a poem to his wife while in the Tower of London jail on Valentine’s Day. Skip to the nineteenth century and it became the best way to demonstrate your love to someone else.

And who can forget the ultimate Valentine’s Day tradition – chocolate! Because of its aphrodisiac-like effects, it has become the treat of choice for the day dedicated to lovers. Heart shaped boxes filled with chocolate goodies have been around since Richard Cadbury invented them in the 1860s.

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