7 Top Birthstone Jewellery for Mum

7 Top Birthstone Jewellery for Mum

Unique and memorable, birthstone jewellery celebrates the special family bond you share. Here are ten ideas for Mother’s Day gifts that she’ll wear with pride.

Family Tree Necklace

A family tree necklace with birthstones makes the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Many of our chic, sophisticated styles are available in your choice of gold plated or sterling silver, and that’s just the beginning! Some styles to consider include:

  1. Elegant round family tree birthstone necklace with names engraved on outer circle.
  2. Silver personalised family tree necklace with birthstone charms.
  3. Circle tree of life necklace with birthstones.
  4. Filigree birthstone family tree necklace; names are inscribed on a circular pendant that hangs behind a filigree-style tree with corresponding birthstones.

Baby Feet Necklace

Commemorate the birth of a little one with a baby feet necklace. There are lots of styles to choose from, making this a gift that complement’s Mum’s style. A few popular choices include:

  1. Charm necklace with baby’s name, date of birth, and birthstone.
  2. Personalised baby feet necklace in sterling silver or gold plating, complete with a sparkling birthstone.
  3. Baby feet necklace with one foot charm and birthstone for each child.

Floating Locket

As birthstone jewellery goes, the floating locket is among the most popular styles -

  1. Includes a heart charm engraved with “Mum” & a five sparkling birthstones of your choice.
  2. Engraved names inside back, each separated by a heart symbol that's engraved as well.
  3. Choose from round or heart-shaped floating locket.

Personalised Bracelets

Giving mum a personalised bracelet as a present can be a great alternative to the traditional necklace. Many of our chic, sophisticated styles are available in your choice of gold plated or sterling silver, and that’s just the beginning!

  1. Mum Bracelets with charms are an everlasting trend.
  2. Choose between engraving a name, an initial or anything else!

Name Necklace

The gold name necklace is more than just a trendy fashion statement; it also happens to make a wonderful jewellery gift for Mum! Choose from styles embellished with Swarovski crystal accents and more.

  1. Yellow gold or white gold styles to complement Mum’s existing jewellery items.
  2. Birthstone heart necklace with up to four engraved names.
  3. We also have an Infinity Necklace Collection with cut out names and birthstones.

Initial Jewellery

For the Mum who loves to look stylish, consider our trendy initial jewellery with birthstones.

  1. Place her initials on a necklace, bracelet or a ring.
  2. You can even use your children’s initials for a special mother’s day gift.

Mother Rings

Last, but not least, keep mother rings in mind:

  1. You can choose any number of birthstones you like.
  2. We have rings in various designs and colours, with engraving and without it.

Updated styles are fun to wear, and classic configurations are sure to be appreciated too. Whichever of these many styles you choose, Mum is certain to love the meaningful symbolism behind sparkling birthstones jewellery.

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