Best Graduation Gift Ideas for Friends

Best Graduation Gift Ideas for Friends

Your friends have been with you through good times and bad. Graduation gifts for friends commemorate those times while helping you celebrate this special milestone.

Initial Necklaces

Simple, meaningful, and sure to go with many of your friend’s favourite outfits, the initial necklace is a classic graduation gift. Choose one with your friend’s first initial, or pick one with both of your initials and birthstones.

Personalised Initials on Breakable Heart Necklaces
Heart for 2 >

Personalised Sterling Silver Disc Pendant Necklace
Disc Necklace
with Initials >

Infinity Necklaces

Infinity necklaces celebrate the special bond between two people, sending a message that says “You are special to me, and I’ll always remember.” There are many different styles to choose from, including those with names or birthstones.

Name Necklaces

Your friendship is unique, and our name necklaces help you mark this important milestone, either with a single name, two names, or the names of a group of three or more friends. Not only are these necklaces truly meaningful, they’re a fantastic way to celebrate all that you’ve gone through and everything you have to look forward to after graduation.

Vertical Name Necklace in Sterling Silver
Name Necklace with
Up to 5 Names >

Russian Ring Necklace with Engraving
Russian Ring Necklace
with 3 Names >

Name Bracelets

Anchors, charms depicting special interests, and even infinity symbols make their way onto our personalised bracelets. For something even more unique, you can have your choice of meaningful words inscribed in the space where the wearer’s name normally fits. For a group of friends, consider personalized bangles with initials that represent your close-knit circle, or charms that tell the story of your friendship. You’ll find even more ideas for expressing yourself with bangles, Shamballa bracelets, and other popular styles in our guide on how to mix & match bracelets.

No one else knows you like your friends do. These are more than just graduation gift ideas for friends; they’re special keepsakes that celebrate your unique bond, and they are sure to be treasured for years to come.

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