July Birthstone of the Month – Ruby

July Birthstone of the Month – Ruby

July’s birthstone is a rich red gem called ruby. The origin of its name is Latin, and comes from the word “Ruber,” meaning red. Together with emerald, diamond, and sapphire, ruby is considered to be one of the four precious stones.

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Love, Harmony, and Protection: July Birthstone Meaning and History

Rubies have a long, lofty history beginning with ancient Hindus, who called it “King of Gems.” This red stone was revered for much more than its beauty; it was believed to protect its wearer from evil while promoting success. No wonder, then, that political rulers, warrior chiefs, and kings often chose to adorn themselves with rubies!

In relationships and love, ruby signifies intense passion, perhaps because of the ancient Hindu belief that the stone radiates luminosity and warmth from an ever-present internal flame. For this reason, it makes a beautiful and meaningful choice for an infinity necklace with birthstone or a gorgeous birthstone necklace for mum.

Rubies in Healing and Spirituality

Besides its association with matters of the heart, the July birthstone meaning has a powerful connection with crystal healing. Ancients associated ruby with the sun, and believed it held the power to preserve an individual’s mental and physical health when worn. During the 13th century, rubies were ground into powder, and were rubbed on the skin as a tonic for restoring youth and vitality. Today, they are associated with energizing and balancing the body, stimulating the heart chakra, and reigniting the wearer’s passion for life. Emotionally, rubies are associated with leadership, goal attainment, and wealth.

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