September Birthstone of the Month – Sapphire Meaning

September Birthstone of the Month – Sapphire Meaning

September’s birthstone is a beautiful blue gem called sapphire. The origin of its name is twofold: It comes from the Greek word “sapheiros” and the Latin word “saphirus,” both meaning blue. Together with emerald, ruby, and diamond, sapphire is considered to be one of the four precious stones. Its hardness is second only to that of a diamond.

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Wisdom, Royalty, and Divine Favour: September Birthstone Meaning and History

Sapphire’s unique beauty makes it one of the world’s most desirable stones. This beautiful blue birthstone is one linked with wisdom, prophecy, royalty, and divine favour. It is believed to provide the wearer with protection while bringing good fortune and providing spiritual insight.

The same sapphires that we treasure today have been prized since about 800 BCE, when rulers of ancient Persia believed that the stones were responsible for giving the sky its heavenly blue colour.

Throughout history, sapphires have been worn by famous figures. Abraham and King Solomon were said to have worn protective sapphire talismans, the Greeks wore the stones for wisdom while visiting the Oracle at Delphi, and early Christians incorporated sapphires into rings with special spiritual significance.

Today, sapphires continue to be a symbol of royalty. Prince Charles presented Princess Diana with a famous sapphire engagement ring, and Prince William continued the tradition when he gave the ring to Kate. Commoners enjoy these lovely stones too: Many women are displaying the stones’ sparkling blue colour in trendy infinity jewellery these days.

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Sapphires in Healing and Spirituality

Sapphire meaning extends to healing and spirituality, signifying strength and focus as well as learning and psychic activation. The stone is said to stimulate the throat and third eye chakras, where it allows its wearer to access a deeper level of consciousness and gain greater understanding. You can keep a sapphire in alignment with your throat chakra by wearing it in a bar necklace or Carrie style necklace.

Sapphires are also symbolic of integrity, self-discipline, and justice. Reiki practitioners use these gorgeous stones to channel healing power, and professionals from different walks of life use them to promote awareness and stimulate the mind.

In some traditions, sapphires are believed to offer medicinal attributes that range from curing illnesses, tumours and sores to preventing disease.

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