10 Reasons why Jewelry is a Better Valentine’s Day Gift than Chocolate
10 Reasons why Jewelry is a Better Valentine’s Day Gift than Chocolate

10 Reasons why Jewellery is a Better Valentine’s Day Gift than Chocolate

Looking for a unique Valentine gift? Here are ten reasons to consider jewellery instead of boring, traditional chocolate.
  1. Zero Calories

    Chocolate is tasty, and the dark kind offers some health benefits; other than that, though, the sweet stuff packs plenty of calories along with it. Most people make a point of watching their daily intake, and just about everyone prefers something sparkly to something sweet.

  2. It Lasts

    Sure, chocolate is a pleasure to eat. But that pleasure lasts only for a few moments, and worse, it’s soon replaced with regret. Jewellery – even very inexpensive types – lasts for a long time. A gold name necklace, for example, looks lovely for many years.

  3. You Can Personalise It

    There are many ways to personalise jewellery! Add initials, an inspirational quote, a name or two, and perhaps even a birthstone or crystal in a color that appeals to the recipient. You can even use a secret nickname or a special word that’s particularly meaningful. Personalised jewellery, such as name necklaces, makes an intriguing – and perfectly unique – Valentine gift.

  4. Shows You Devoted More Thought

    As February 14 approaches, boxes of chocolate appear everywhere. The supermarket, the chemist’s shop, and even the petrol station carries them, making them the gift of choice for the forgetful person who needs to find a quick present at the last minute. Jewellery proves that you care, and it shows that you put thought and effort into the act of gift giving.

  5. Jewellery is a Tangible Memory

    Once chocolate has been eaten, it’s gone forever. Jewellery can be a powerful reminder of a special time in your life, one that can be revisited over and over. An infinity necklace is a great example of a simple, meaningful, and memorable piece she’ll love.

  6. You Can Hide It Easily

    Hide it in your pocket, your car, or anywhere convenient for presentation at just the right time. This lets you take advantage of the element of surprise.

  7. Jewellery is Always in Style

    There’s a reason why so many people enjoy giving our jewellery gifts for women: They are always in style, and they go with just about everything in her closet. Classic or trendy, in silver, gold, or another popular finish, this is one gift that’s sure to be appreciated for a long time to come.

  8. Flexible Pricing

    Many people give chocolate because it’s affordable. What you might not know is that lovely jewellery doesn’t have to cost a bundle. You can of course spend thousands if you want to, but you can also find plenty of budget-friendly styles she’ll appreciate.

  9. She Can Show It Off

    “Look, he got me chocolate!” (Says no girl, ever!) Instead of chocolate, give her something she’ll be proud to show off to her friends.

  10. Not Cliché

    Heart-shaped boxes are cute, but they’re so last year, and the year before that, and that, and well…you get our drift. Choose jewellery that appeals to her sense of style, and she’ll appreciate you even more.

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