Russian Rings, More Than Just Design
Russian Rings, More Than Just Design

Russian Rings, More Than Just Design

With so much to live and learn from other people, more and more we are turning to cultures other than our own to discover new ways to celebrate the meaning of love. It’s from this sentiment that at My Name Necklace we have become obsessed with the Russian wedding ring tradition and incorporated its design and concepts into our necklace collection. When we find something with such unique origins and strong message of love, we believe it can make your Personalised Jewellery even more meaningful.

Origins of the Russian Ring

Starting as a tradition from the Christian Orthodox community in the 19th Century, the three rings are said to represent the Holy Trinity: The Son, The Father, and The Holy Ghost. It is for this reason you may also find these under the name Trinity Ring. The tradition saw the ring created as a wedding band to be worn on the right hand (as opposed to the traditional Western European left hand).

Not just simply a jewellery design the rings originate from a mathematical concept known as the Borromean rings. Held together they are inseparable however, remove just one and the whole structure will fall apart.

A Russian ring is traditionally made up of three precious Gold Metal bands; White Gold, Yellow Gold, and Rose Gold. There is a legend of a mother describes to her son the meaning of the rings in a special story that can surely capture the imagination of a small boy. She starts to describe the significance of each of the metals. The softest of all the metals, White Gold easily finds the shape of the fingers. This represents the essence of love and marriage – the ability to change your shape as an individual and mold together as lovers and partners for life. Yellow Gold is tough. You can knock it around and then just one little shine and it’s like new. Life is like that, we all get knocked around but true love will always give you the strength to shake it off and stand tall together again. Last of we have the rare Rose Gold. True love is rare and hard to come by so once you find it you must hold on and never let it go.

We are pretty sure we’re all inspired by this story just as much as that little boy!

The Modern Russian Ring

There is nothing better than taking a traditional concept and giving it a new modern style and look which is exactly what we have achieved with our Russian Rings Necklace. The adaptation of the ring design is the perfect evolution of the Circle Necklace. Three intertwined circles each with their own unique engraving make the most perfect Mother’s Necklace. Its double meaning, both from what the ring represents and the special words you will choose to engrave make it the ultimate jewelry piece to cherish.

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