Top 5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Keyring
Top 5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Keyring

Top 5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Keyring

When your loved ones hold the keys to your heart it might be a great idea to wear your heart on your keys! For this reason, when looking to celebrate our loved ones and close connections we are always looking for the perfect kind of key candy. Not only does it add a super stylish pendant to what would otherwise be an everyday bland product but it also stands as its own little reminder of what’s really important to us on the daily grind.

Picture this; you’re running late to that meeting, audition, pick up, date… your flustered, your sweating and you’re thinking how am I going to get through this day? You look down and that shiny little pendant catches the light and send a beam right back into your eyes. It’s a beam that says hey, we got your back baby. And this, my friends, is why everyone needs their own Personalised Keyring.

  1. His and Hers

    In a society built on moments we’re all look for that extra special way to express our love! Nothing says his & hers like personalised matching keyrings. For the naughty couples, channel your inner grey with our matching hand-cuffs (I’ll take the right hand if you take the left *wink*); for the couple who completely balance each other’s chi we have the Ying Yang. For the super intelligent problem solver we have the two pieces of a puzzle make one keyring and lest we forget those that want to literally give the key to their heart.

  2. Love Hearts and Infinity

    If you’re looking for the perfect gift to spoil the woman in your life or simply want to celebrate your own love than look no further than the heart keyrings. From linked hearts to breakable hearts a custom engraved keyring is the best wear to wear your heart on your sleeve, or rather swing it between your fingers, but you get my drift.

  3. Say My Name

    keyring with name

    Say it proud! You are who you are and who you are is pretty awesome in my eyes so why not show it off for the world to see! Take your god given name and make it into the perfect accessory. It’s not just a keychain with your name; it’s a statement about who you are.

  4. For Mum

    Keyrings for mum

    When I think of being a mum I think of keys, keys, wonderful keys; big keys, small keys, round keys… well nothing rhymes with round keys but you get the idea. There’s no better way to thank mum with putting all of those keys to good use than giving her a reminder of your appreciation every time she looks at them! With designs ranging from family trees, kids charms, and hanging bars; there is something to suit every mum not matter her personal style!

  5. Man Up

    Keyrings for men

    It’s never easy to find the perfect men’s personalised jewellery. For this reason, has created the perfect range of keyrings for men. The dog tag keyring is by far the most popular due to its simple yet manly style that really transcends through generations. Whether you’re a skater-boy, jock, musician or corporate; this item is perfect for your style. For the more outdoors or man with a more mature style we recommend the leather straps with the silver engraved panels. Stylish, durable and the perfect gift for the man that has everything.

Every key that we hold opens a door, not just to something materialist but also to the people and experiences in our life. Make sure that the keys that you hold are embellished with the perfect personalised keepsake from our keyring collection.

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