May Birthstone Meaning and colour

The Emerald: May Birthstone Meaning and colour

You may associate emeralds with the colour of the bright green grass that pops up in spring, but did you know that this vibrant green gemstone is associated with unconditional love? That’s not all: Ancient legends link emeralds with the ability to provide protection from evil while helping the wearer peek into the future. We’ll cover a few astonishing legends here.

At My Name Necklace UK, we love the beautiful green of emeralds, and we’d like to remind you that you can wear these stones even if you weren’t born in May! Our birthstone jewellery collection is like no other, with many classic and contemporary styles to choose from. Which is your favourite?

May Birthstone Meaning and History

Emeralds are part of the Beryl category, with a beautiful green colour that comes from the metallic elements vanadium and chromium. The word “Emerald” is derived from a combination of the Latin word smaragdus and Old Greek word smaragdos. Both words translate to “green gem.” In ancient times, emeralds were mind at Egypt’s Mount Smaragdus.

The gems have been sourced from India and Austria since the 14th century, and today, most come from mines in Colombia and Zambia. Unlike rarer stones, emeralds are found all over the world. They have even been discovered in Canada’s remote Yukon territory!

Emerald Legends and Healing Uses

In mythology, emeralds are linked to Venus, the goddess of love. In keeping with this tradition, rebirth, fertility, and passionate romance are commonly linked with this exquisite May birthstone. And with the Venus connection in mind, it’s not at all surprising that these vibrant green stones have often found their way into wedding and engagement rings.

Cleopatra, Jacquelyn Kennedy, and Elizabeth Taylor were some of the most famous wearers, and many modern brides like to carry the tradition forward. When you wear emerald jewellery of any kind, you’re wearing a unique symbol of love!

In crystal healing, the emerald birthstone is used to soothe the eyes, help alleviate the discomfort of rheumatism, and more. Its psychic and psychological uses include focusing intention, eliminating negativity, promoting strong friendships, and raising awareness while strengthening memory. Balance and love are its two greatest attributes.

Celebrating Life Events with Emeralds

Significant milestones are best celebrated with meaningful gifts! We love birthstone rings for mothers as an example; the stones signify children, and these rings are often quite colourful. Family tree necklaces offer another way to celebrate Mum’s loving bond with all of her children, whatever their ages.

If someone you love appreciates emeralds – and especially if that special someone was born in May – you’ll be sure to impress them with the gift of birthstone jewellery in vibrant green. Whether it’s a spectacular birthstone necklace for mum, a name bracelet for your bestie, or an initial pendant with a birthstone, you’ll find lots to love here!

Whatever the occasion, emeralds make a unique gift that’s sure to turn heads.

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