Join Us to Celebrate the Royal Wedding
Join Us to Celebrate the Royal Wedding

Join Us to Celebrate the Royal Wedding

Londoners and visitors are preparing to celebrate the British Royal Wedding alongside the Prince and his beautiful bride. At My Name Necklace UK, we’ve got the latest details, plus some hints for celebrating your own wedding in truly splendid style.

How to Prepare for a Royal Marriage

Planning a royal family wedding involves a massive effort – where the average person requires help from just one wedding planner, it takes a small army of experts to plan and finalise every last detail. Royal wedding invitations were just the beginning for the Prince and his famous bride-to-be!

The royal Household Cavalry have polished their ceremonial headpieces and practiced their maneuvers, and the carriages have been readied for the most romantic procession of the year. Meanwhile, royal wedding dresses are being treated to some final touches, so the bride and her bridesmaids will be picture-perfect. We can’t wait to see which styles have been chosen for this royal marriage!

Choristers have practiced, and Scots and Irish Guardsmen have been measured for ceremonial uniforms. Meanwhile, floral designers and an entire team of florists have been hard at work fashioning incredible royal wedding bouquets and floral displays, all created with locally sourced foliage.

Many of the flowers you’ll see in and around St. George’s Chapel and Buckingham Palace were grown in the gardens and parkland of Windsor Great Park and the Crown Estate itself. Birch, beech, and hornbeam branches provide structure, and stunning white peonies and roses studded with tall stems of foxglove will be among the most prominent flowers used in the royal couple’s floral displays.

Prepare Your Own Royal Wedding with My Name Necklace

The wedding season has officially started! If you are planning your own nuptials, you may wish to take inspiration from the royal wedding. This year’s royal wedding incorporates simple, natural touches as well as beautiful textiles and amazing jewellery. Like the royals, it’s a wonderful idea to treat your wedding party to meaningful mementos:

  1. Heart initial necklaces and engraved bracelets make wonderful bridesmaids jewellery gifts, while monogrammed cufflinks are perfect for the male members of your wedding party. These are perfect for wearing during the wedding and reception.
  2. Personalised name necklaces, bar necklaces, and birthstone jewellery are fantastic gifts for the bridal party, mother of the bride, and others who helped make your day special. Whether you choose diamonds, cz, or coloured birthstones, personalised jewellery tells your girls just how much they men to you.

Royal Wedding Souvenir

Another of our more favorite items is the Silver Mother’s Necklace with Children Charms, beloved because one can add and engrave the names of all their loved ones onto cute little kids pendants. Mums love jewellery that show off their family, especially when showing off each child’s charm with a personalised twist. An engraved necklace with heart cut out is also a sweet piece that your mother will appreciate.

How will you celebrate the royal wedding? We’d love to hear about your viewing party and other events you have planned!

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