June Birthstone Meaning and Colour
June Birthstone Meaning and Colour

The Light Amethyst: June Birthstone Meaning and Colour

You might be surprised to learn that light amethyst is a form of quartz! These beautiful violet-coloured gemstones come with fascinating myths and legends attached. Often associated with peace and healing, the stones were revered by ancient Egyptians, who worked them into beautiful amulets. These were believed to offer protection from harm while serving as a physical form of prayer. Greeks, too believed that amethyst held special powers, particularly in promoting sobriety. We’ll cover a few of the most captivating bits of amethyst lore here. Amethysts are just a few of the treasures waiting to be discovered at My Name Necklace UK. Our birthstone jewellery collection is incredible – and it’s growing all the time!

June Birthstone Meaning and History

Light amethyst is one of the newest birthstones for June – and it’s among our favourites!

The word “amethyst” comes from Koine Greek amethystos, which translates to “not intoxicated.” It’s a direct reference to the old belief that the stone protected its user from drunkenness, particularly if wine was consumed from a cup carved from amethyst.

Once considered a rare “cardinal” gem, amethysts held the same or greater value than diamonds at certain points in history. Today, they’re among the most common gemstones – as well as some of the least expensive. Still, you shouldn’t let that stop you from enjoying them; after all, their beauty is as timeless as that of diamonds!

Light amethysts come from Siberia, Brazil, and Sri Lanka, among many other sources including South Korea, Austria, Canada, and the United States. Colours vary widely from one crystal cluster to the next, making these stones a favourite with mineral hunters.

Because amethysts can be quite large in comparison to other gemstones, they were often used to create Roman intaglio engraved gems. Their worldwide availability made them accessible to many cultures throughout history; for example, amethyst has always been a popular choice making Tibetan prayer beads, and amethyst beads have also been found halfway across the world, in English Anglo-Saxon graves. There’s no doubt about it: while light purple amethyst is easy to obtain and inexpensive when compared with other gemstones, its delicate beauty ensures that it will always be a favourite.

Amethyst Legends and Healing Uses

The light amethyst birthstone has a delicate appearance, but it comes with some powerful legends attached. Because amethysts are thought to promote level-headedness and promote healing, medieval European soldiers often carried them into battle. Travelers carried amethysts as protection from sneak attacks, and others used amethyst in amulets to shield themselves from black magic.

Many cultures associate light amethyst with a higher power. Amethyst (Ahlamah) was the ninth stone in the traditional Hebrew High Priest’s breastplate, and Catholic bishops traditionally wore amethyst rings to promote spiritual thought while preventing mystical intoxication. Many Catholic and Episcopalian bishops continue the tradition to this day, though contemporary ecclesiastical rings are often simpler in design than those worn by their predecessors.

Amethysts are believed to aid the free flow of thought, both in conscious mental and subconscious metaphysical forms. For this reason, many psychics keep amethyst crystals nearby, and many enjoy wearing amethyst jewellery as well.

It has been said that wearing amethyst will help you remain centred and focused while facilitating greater intuition and creativity.

Celebrating Life Events with Amethysts

Light amethysts are perfect for celebrating a June baby’s birth. Added to birthstone necklaces, they offer a gentle glow while reminding mums of their little ones. For teens and others who enjoy wearing purple, they’re ideal for adding to birthstone rings and bracelets, sometimes on their own, and often alongside names, dates, or initials.

If you like the look of light amethyst, why not celebrate your uniqueness even if your birthday falls outside the month of June? After all, contemporary birthstone jewellery can be customised with meaningful words, not just birthdays and kids’ names!

Whether you’re searching for a special treat for yourself or planning a surprise for someone special, light amethysts make a meaningful and intriguing gift for any occasion.

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