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At My Name Necklace UK we have refined masculinity and have designed something authentic and fresh. Our innovative, contemporary men’s jewellery collection showcases a wide variety of bracelets, necklaces, rings, and even key rings. The exquisite pieces are defined as inspiring, dramatic, and powerful which are perfect to complete an overall look. What makes this collection original is whether you are the corporate powerhouse, the prepster, the adventurer, the jock, or even the family-man, every piece in this collection can speak and work with various different male styles.

Man Bracelet with Small Custom Beads in Silver

Rope Bracelets

Woven rope bracelets have taken off as a major trend this season. Fashion icons are flexing their wrist-game and adopting this popular bracelet. This stylish piece will boost his style cred and can be matched with a silver watch or can even be stacked with a metal cuff or leather bracelet. This Black Cord Bracelet with Custom Beads consists of a handsome black braided band fastened with a strong silver clasp and up to seven sterling silver circular beads available for inscription. With Father’s Day approaching, a father or grandfather can carry his child/ren’s or grandchildren’s names on his wrist wherever he goes. The Rope Bracelet for Men with Engraved Hoop includes two engraved rings in silver. This makes a superb gift for a father to receive with his children’s names on it or his and his’ wife’s names on both rings to symbolise the special bond they share together as parents.

Men 3D Bar Necklace in Matte Silver


Jewellery should be just as unique and individual as he is. Each and every piece in our collection has a story waiting to be told and a characteristic that he can feel connected to. Therefore, through intricate materials, his story can be told through each one of our designs. What better way to express memories than through a personalised keepsake? The Men 3D Bar Necklace in Matte Silver exhibits memories and love in all dimensions, while being an elemental, classic piece to complete a wardrobe. A geometric pendant hanging on a stylish matte silver chain grants one to engrave something/one of significant meaning to them on all sides of the bar. The ID Bracelet for Men in Sterling Silver is a staple for any man’s everyday look, with a gourmet chain and sophisticated plate available for inscription. These customised pieces are magnificent ideas to surprise the father figure in your life by warming his heart and making his day complete.

Personalized Dog Tag Leather Cord Necklace for Men

Custom Pendants

Our two military-associated designs in the collection represent bravery and power. The Men’s Celtic Dagger Pendant Necklace is a super trendy necklace and masculine, alluring option for men. Its smart, chic appearance allows any man to become fully armed with style. With a carved onyx stone set in a dagger setting, boldly-hanging, the back of the pendant allows for a meaningful word for inscription. The Personalised Dog Tag Leather Cord Necklace for Men consists of a leather cord and sterling silver dog tag in which their contrast compliments each other very finely and contributes to making one’s style come alive. The dog tag can be engraved with any purposeful words. This Father’s Day give the gift that signifies loyalty, strength, and protection to the man who is your hero, and is only missing a cape

Engraved Men's Classic Band Ring in Stainless Steel

Men’s Sleek Rings

Slipping on a ring means slipping on a statement. A man’s ring beyond a wedding ring represents a bold accessory of confidence and expression. The Engraved Stainless Steel Black Men Ring’s sleek, attractive design features a wide band made of black stainless framed in silver stainless steel. It is a classic, yet statement piece that can be personalised with inner engraving portraying one’s love and devotion for their father. The Engraved Men's Classic Band Ring in Stainless Steel is a smooth, architecturally-designed, eye-popping statement. Its sterling silver band is available for inscription on the inner part of the ring. Both admirable rings can be personalised, portraying one’s devotion for their father, while assisting him in rocking a statement piece that is also a token of love.

Studded Open Cuff Bracelet for Men

Cuff Bracelets

For an understated, minimal look, a men’s cuff bracelet is the trendy way to go that speaks for itself. For a more textured and layered looked, the following cuffs are excellent for stacking with others. The Men’s Silver Thin Cuff Bracelet is eligible for inside and outer engraving and is a crisp piece made for any moment. This 4002 Cuff Bracelet is finely-crafted and with its studded pattern on the outside, it allows for an inner engraving inside the cuff. Both sophisticated pieces, with their inner engraving options, will allow a father figure to carry an exclusive message or word on his wrist for his eyes-only, making these cuffs an extra special gift.

Go ahead, make his day. A dad should be celebrated all year round, and these personalized gifts will hit just the right spot by allowing him to wear the celebration of the appreciation and admiration towards him, not only on Father’s Day, but all year round.

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