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To our valued customers,
We would like to reach out to you directly and share with you the steps we are taking in light of the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) to ensure the well-being of the My Name Necklace community.

The health and safety of our customers and employees is paramount to everything we do. As such, all of our offices and factories are being cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis. All employees are adhering to CDC recommended handwashing and hygienic practices. We are closely monitoring this developing situation and making adjustments as necessary to ensure a sterile and safe work environment.

As your trusted partner in personalised jewellery, we are committed to delivering the My Name Necklace experience you know and love in a healthy environment that promotes and protects the well-being of all. To ensure YOUR safety, every single piece of jewellery is thoroughly cleaned before shipment. We also offer delivery options that do not require face-to-face interactions, with the courier leaving your package outside your door.

Due to extra safety precautions around COVID-19, please take in consideration that delivery times may be a bit longer than normal. We do appreciate your patience with us during this time.

We are committed to ensuring an easy and safe experience for you. Our online site remains open for business and we are continuing to operate as usual with all necessary precautions. Feel free to contact our Customer Care Team with any questions or concerns.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones,
The My Name Necklace Team
Change Order Details
How do I change my shipping address?

To change your address before an order has shipped, please contact us with the following details and we’ll update them accordingly:

  • Street address with apartment number
  • City
  • Country
  • Postcode

We can change your shipping address until your item has been sent for packaging, at which point we carefully prepare your personalized jewellery for shipping.

How can I change a My Name Necklace order after placing it?

If you have already placed your order but selected the wrong product or want to change the personalization details, please contact our Customer Service Team.

Once we begin producing an order we can still change it, but this may delay your original delivery date. Any changes made to an order before it ships will happily be accommodated, free of charge. As each item is uniquely produced, changes made after an order has shipped will incur a 30% restocking fee. If there is a price difference in the item you are changing, we’ll send you either a money order or refund, accordingly.

Gold / Diamond Items

Changes made after production begins on gold and diamond items may require a 30% restocking fee.


To avoid having your order arrive late, we advise against making changes during popular national events and holidays  

How do I change my inscription?

If you already placed your order but selected the wrong product or want to change the personalization details, please contact our Customer Care Team.

We’ll be more than happy to modify your order, at no extra charge, as long as it hasn’t shipped.

I paid for my order using PayPal and I didn’t see where to fill my shipping address
If you purchased your order using PayPal, we will ship your jewellery to the address connected to your PayPal account. If you want to receive it at a different address, please contact us informing your Order ID number and the new address details.

When contacting us, please select the option shown below:


We can change your shipping address until your item has been sent for packaging, at which point we carefully prepare your personalized jewellery for shipping.
I forgot to use my coupon
If you forgot to use your coupon when placing your order, that's alright. You can just contact our customer care team and ask them to add it to your order.
Make sure you attach the coupon code when contacting us.
We will just place a refund according to the coupon
How do I change the size/ length of my jewellery?
If your order is still in production and you would like to change the size of the chain, all you need to do is contact us with the correct chain length and we will make the change for you if it is still possible.
My address on my shipping confirmation is incorrect, what should I do?

You may have been really excited to place your order and missed a slight detail. We can relate ;)

But don't worry, we can usually fix this for you.

If you forgot to include an apartment number, or if there is a slight typo in the address, the order will most likely return to us. Once it does we can easily update the shipping address for you and resend it. Please contact us with the following details:

  • Name (including street, number, apt number, or PO Box)
  • City
  • Postcode
  • Country

 You can use your tracking number to see if the package has returned to us.

Unfortunately, sometimes the order gets lost in the mail and does not return to us.  If this happens we can offer to reorder your item and send it to the correct address for a 30% restocking fee.

How do I add another item to my order?

Perhaps you continued browsing through our site and found another wonderful piece of jewellery that you simply MUST have. We get it.

In order to add an item you’ll need to place a new order, but we can combine them into one shipment so that your items arrive together.

All you need to do is add a comment on the checkout page "Please ship this order with..." and enter your previous Order ID. Our team will see this comment and update the order for you.

Please note that by shipping both orders together, your estimated delivery time will be slightly delayed.

What are MyNameNecklace warranty conditions?

At My Name Necklace, we offer Standard (free) and Premium (additional cost) warranty. You can select the warranty you would like when purchasing your jewellery

Standard Warranty (6 months from the date of purchase):

  • Damaged Pendant
  • Damaged Chain
  • Birthstone repair: replacement of birthstones
  • Arrival of shipment

Premium Warranty (2 years from the date of purchase):

  • Standard Warranty conditions
  • Accidental damage protection
  • Free chain replacement

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